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Special FX makeup

by Jonathon Mario Aspittle

CrowCaw Fx



Jonathan Mario is the owner of CrowCawfx, a special fx makeup studio in Utah. He is a makeup educator and a freelance makeup artist, and travels across the country to teach and demonstrate his work. He specializes in custom silicone and foam latex prosthetics, airbrush makeup application, and now has his own line of silicone mermaid tails.

He has appeared at IMATS LA, Scare LA, Monsterpalooza, Son of Monsterpalooza, San Diego Comic Con, FanX Salt Lake Comic Con, and many other conventions and special events. Jonathon has been featured on the Travel Channel and the SyFy channel. His most recent appearance was on the season finale of Face-Off: Game Face (SyFy), in which he was a contestant.

He currently lives Utah with his hairless cat, Schrodinger.

“The beauty of being an FX artist it is that nothing is ever impossible. I can create anything with my own hands and watch it walk around. I can breathe life into it, and now that’s what I live for. I love watching a director or a client look in the mirror or look on set and see their imagination come to life.”

When Jonathon Mario was just a child he decided that he was going to be a mermaid. He practiced singing, swimming, holding his breath, and he made tails from anything he could get his hands on. One day when Jonathon was five years old, his parents sat him down and explained to him that he physically could not be a mermaid. That broke Jonathan‘s heart, and simultaneously started his journey to becoming a special-effects makeup artist.